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Neworld Papers Inside you'll find tales of:
American Black • The Envoy • Ghost Wolf
Kidd Vee • Onyx Adams • The Reclaimer • The Silencer
Terror Flame • Victory Angel

“If you think the Justice League of America is a whiter shade of pale, this Astonishing Heroes team-up was written just for you.”
Eric Searleman,
“Everything you'd expect from a Gary Phillips story collection — solid, kick-ass pulp.”
Bobby Nash, 2013 Pulp Ark Writer of the Year
“The book is a refreshing look at Black Pulp Heroes… Encore! Encore!”
Raven, Amazon Reader
“...hand-to-hand combat action, demons and magic to boot, internal dialogue, buckets of high-caliber bullets, plus scantily clad women and the heroes they love. Add a Black Dynamite blaxploitative filter and you're in..."
Brook Stephenson,

Praise for award-winning author Gary Phillips…
“Gary Phillips writes like a diamond cutter
making jewels, rough untouchable jewels
that sparkle in the dark.”

Richard Goodwin, on the Kwanza initiative
“Gary Phillips is my kind of crime writer.”
Sara Paretsky, New York Times bestselling author
“Honesty, distinctive characters, absurdity and
good writing—are here in Phillips's work.”

The Washington Post
“Firmly rooted in the hard-boiled tradition.”
Publishers Weekly
“Phillips is a writer who can
keep you nailed to the page.”

John Lutz, Edgar award-winning mystery writer
“…a first-rate example of contemporary noir fiction.”
London Sunday Telegraph
“Gary Phillips writes tough and gritty parables
about life and death on the mean streets…”

Michael Connelly, bestselling author
of the Harry Bosch mysteries

Louis Trent is a high rolling hitman plucked from Hell only if he kills for Heaven.

An anonymous city bureaucrat, The Reclaimer, senses what evil lurks via emanations from tenement walls.

In the 1970s, Onyx Adams, a tough, kung fu'ing Afro-wearing female private eye teams with a so-called b'wana devil, the Ghost Wolf, to thwart one of history's greatest villains back from the dead.

The Silencer is a Vietnam vet who returns home but the war goes on when a bomb injures him and kills the woman he loves.

A seeming sellout Uncle Tom agent provocateur, American Black, reveals other plans.

A weed smoking, easygoing inner city teen working in an old folks' home inherits amazing powers and responsibilities from WWII-era heroine Victory Angel as Kidd Vee; and several of the heroes team up in the past and present to prevent a climate calamity by a fanatical billionaire.

Gary PhillipsIn this anthology of 10 action-packed prose stories, veteran crime and mystery fictioneer and graphic novelist Gary Phillips (author of Big Water, Warlord of Willow Ridge, and co-editor of the acclaimed Black Pulp anthology) offers his rip-roaring revisionist take on the superhero genre – The Watchman meets Manchild in the Promised Land. Visit Gray web site at

As a special to this collection, Phillips has written an original outing bringing together several of these characters in one adventure for the first time ever.

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