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Neworld Papers Editorial Reviews

Read Now “Characters were likable and the story was graceful. Fallon and his crew embarked on adventures that K.B. Shaw described in very specific detail; it was like watching it all happen.”
Lorena Sanqui, Readers Favorite

starstarstarstarstar/ 5 “Author K.B. Shaw effectively uses Neworld Papers as a platform for deeper thought by providing moral dilemmas that continue to challenge mankind, not the least of which is the question of how truth, freedom and control can intersect to create a functional society.

Neworld Papers: The Historian's Taleis an engrossing SciFi novel with a thought provoking premise, awesome world building, and more than a dash of romance. An overall enjoyable read!.”

Chanticleer Book Reviews

“Shaw sets a thoughtful coming-of-age tale on a faraway planet ... The mystery of Neworld's origins and the wonderfully imaginative alien flora and fauna bring this book to life.”
Kirkus Reviews

“Brilliantly imagined world combined with great story telling and a hero we both like and understand..”
— Andy McKinney, Payson Roundup

Trade Paperback
Kindle Edition $2.99

Trade Paperback
Kindle Edition $2.99
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Grier Estate
Sol Minor rises over the Grier Estate.


annum: an archaic way of measuring a person's age; 12 consecutive months (two thirds of a cycle)

cycle: the eighteen-month solar cycle from HighConjunction to HighConjunction

Frachise: One of any of the major commodities such as corn, paper, cattle, etc.

Guild: an organization that manages skilled labor.

HighConjunction: 1) the period when Neworld's two suns are perfectly aligned with SolMinor eclipsing SolMinor; the period is marked by crippling snowfalls;

2) thel celebration that occurs during this period, when families gather, seclude themselves indoors, feast, and exchange gifts, concluding with bonfires ignited by the re-emerging families

HighNoon: the time of day when SolMajor is at its zenith

kon: the indestructible spirit that inhabits all living beings

LowNoon: the time of day when SolMinor is at its zenith

Miss: a term of direct address for a female who has borne a child for a male contract

Missus: a term of direct address for a female with a contracted child

Missy: a term of direct address for a female without children

rednights: the middle of summer when SolMinor dominates the night sky

sol: the time period from HighNoon to HighNoon

SolMajor: Neworld's larger, brighter, more distant sun; short form - SolMaj

SolMinor: Neworld's smaller, dimmer, nearer sun; short form - SolMin


Agricitta: the agricultural hub located upriver from Primacitta on the Riftwater River.

Mount, The: one of the major schools for the sons of Franchise families. Located a a dozen kilometers north of Agricitta.

Primacitta: Neworld's capital and commercial center. It is the only citta located close to the Rim.

“Brilliantly imagined world combined with great story telling and a hero we both like and understand.”

— Payson Roundup Rim Review

“A thought provoking premise, awesome world building, and more than a dash of romance. An overall enjoyable read!”

— Chanticleer Book Reviews

“The world is awesome. The mystery is compelling.
The characters are believable. The danger feels present.”

Aimee A. Roseland, Author of Beneath the Veil

“A thoughtful coming-of-age tale on a faraway planet…”

Kirkus Review

“A fantastic read. I'm loving this.”

Bobby Nash, 2013 Pulp Ark Writer of the Year

“There is a charm and innocence to the character and an ageless knowledge that colors his discovery of new life for the reader.”

Rabid Reader Reviews

“Engrossing, with an underlying sense of danger.”

Sandra Cody, Author of The Jenny Connors Mysteries

starstarstarstarstar/ 5 "The Neworld Papers" series by KB Shaw is a beautifully sculpted work of science fiction that delves into the complexities of human emotion through characters who battle grief, explore romantic ties, and defy global suppression.
Chanticleer Book Reviews

Neworld Papers: The Historian's Tale is brimming with action, adventure, and a touch of New Adult romance grounded solidly in thought-provoking science fiction.

Is revealing the truth worth the disruption of a society?

Fallon lives in a peaceful world that has no concept of war, or murder, or even love. It is a society that prohibits histories and pledges itself to "The Service of Today and the Building of Tomorrow."

Just weeks before he reaches adulthood, Fallon is torn from his sheltered life as a ward of the state. He is drawn into a subversive group that needs his secret talents and he quickly becomes a chronicler of discoveries that threaten to destroy the very fabric of Neworld.

Can Fallon handle the weight of the new responsibilities thrust upon him while he navigates relationships with the feisty redhead Aidan and raven-haired beauty Lenore?

Neworld Papers: The Warriors' Tale is a sprawling adventure that takes Fallon and his friends from one end of Neworld to the other… and beyond.

Four months after writing The Historian's Tale, Fallon withdraws from day-to-day operations of the Movement as he struggles with a crucial question. If he reveals the cache of weapons in the armory, will it mean the salvation of his people or the end of Neworld?

Meanwhile, Missus Grier and the Movement prepare to break out of their underground confinement and Lenore moves topside to spread the historian's message across the length and breadth of Neworld.


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