Popular Publications was one of the largest publishers of pulp magazines during its
long history, at one point publishing
42 different titles per month.

Company titles included detective, adventure, romance, and Western fiction. They were also known for the several 'weird menace' titles. They also published several pulp hero or character pulps.

Each volume of the Black Mask Pulp Story Reader preserves the stories from a single issue from one of Popular Publications' classic pulps. Most of these stories have not been in print since their first pubication.

The Black Mask Pulp Story Reader is not a magazine reproduction. iPulpFiction.com is out to preserve the literary legacy of an entire class of American literature. We have created newly edited story manuscripts with restored covers and story headers based upon the original black and white artwork.

NOTE: These volumes are not reproductions, but newly edited and re-typeset preservations of pulp literature from 1927-1951.

All Black Mask Pulp Story Reader titles are copyright © renewed 1969 by Popular Publications, Inc., and assigned to Keith Alan Deutsch as successor-in-interest to Popular Publications Inc., and proprietor of the imprints listed, and conservator of all copyrights.

Digital and print editions published by iPulpFiction.com.

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annum: an archaic way of measuring a person's age; 12 consecutive months (two thirds of a cycle)

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Neworld Reviews

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Jr. High Reading Circle:

"From the Shadows is a book that I couldn't put down.  KB Shaw has great character development throughout the story.  The perspective changes often from Rosa's to Cameron's and on to Meagan's.  The puzzle slowly pieces together as the story continues, leaving me in suspense at the conclusion of every chapter.  By the end, I was still in the shadows, so to speak, about the usage of the IHT technology and the capabilities of AI.  Overall, KB Shaw's novel has a fabulous plot that twists in every possible direction.  I can't wait until book two comes out.  I recommend this book for people age 12 and above for an exciting read. 

female (age 12) Jr High Reading Circle


“This is the Harry Potter of SciFi.  I can’t wait for the next one!”

female (13) Jr High Reading Circle

"I liked Rosa because her attitude is a little like mine. She is mischievous and it was easy to relate to her. [I like] the relationship between Cameron and Rosa because they go well together"

female (13) Jr High Reading Circle


"Jason, the computer sim. was my favorite character. The idea of playing [time] tag that way sounds really cool."

male (17) Jr High Reading Circle


"I loved the book. I could believe the characters were real. My favorite character was Meagan because she was always asking questions."

female (14) Jr High Reading Circle

Online Readers:

"I loved From the Shadows, it was great! Even though I'm a girl, the similarities between Cameron and I are very scary: I'm a computer geek, I don't have many friends, and my best friend lives, well, I don't know where she lives, but we chat online. I can't wait to read the next story!"

female (age 12) online reader comment


"From the Shadows is very clever and nicely written. I found the book very entertaining and very educational. It reminds me a little of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Wizard of Oz, and even Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone all rolled into one with a SciFi premise. Mr Shaw brings to the story technology, history, and science, and really makes the reader think and solve problems with Cameron and Rosa. The story is filled with very good dialogue, as spoken by diverse characters, both human and AI."

male (adult) online reader comment


"I loved From the Shadows, it was great! Even though I'm a girl, the similarities between Cameron and I are very scary: I'm a computer geek, I don't have many friends, and my best friend lives, well, I don't know where she lives, but we chat online. I can't wait to read the next story!"

female (12) online reader comment


"Great! I think this story is wonderful.  My son really enjoyed reading it. Thank you for a great book."

parent & son (12) oonline reader comment


"I loved the book. The story was interesting, the characters were real and I didn't want it to end. A good ear for dialog and great pacing."

male (adult) online reader comment


Shaw has written a relevant and compelling story.  In the tradition of Harry Potter and Ender Wiggin, we see a child prodigy.  Only this time there is a twist.  The prodigy is all grown up.  Shaw brilliantly weaves technology, humor, and romance into a hip, age-blind novel.  Unlike Harry Potter, most of Shaw's world is realistic and plausible.  Children will be able to relate to Cameron and Rosa.  As Cameron and Rosa learn not only life lessons but also history lessons so will the reader.  Shaw has a winner here.   

—  Budd Black, President, Nashville Science Fiction Book Club


"As a former English teacher and a bookseller, I would highly recommend this book not only to young adults but adults of all ages who enjoy an "intelligent" mystery. It's the kind of book, in my bookselling days, I would have loved to hand to a person and say, "I think you'll really enjoy this one.


As we follow Cameron and Rosa, two very believable fifteen-year olds, through their adventures in the present, past, and future, we are constantly wondering, right from page one, how do all the pieces fit together? Mr. Shaw does not disappoint us as the ending brings us full circle with a dramatic finish. He also has the ability to bring the reader directly into the scene with excellent descriptions.


I think young readers will enjoy the unfolding relationship between Cameron and Rosa, each strong characters in their own right, with their interactions being both humorous and realistic. Although the basis of the book is technology, the average reader will not become lost as we are skillfully guided through the potential danger of technology gone awry through a good plot and characters we care about. The human element is definitely present.


Often the best sign of a good book is not wanting it to end, or wanting to know even more at the end. "What happens next?" I felt this way and would love to read a sequel to see what these characters do with their new-found technology in the 21st century, as well as the continuation of their relationship.

—  Amazon.com Reader, Chicago, IL


Cameron and Rosa are high school students who constantly play on their multiComs, the latest technologically advanced interactive computer systems, and while one lives in NewMexico and the other in Wisconsin, with the help of their multiComs, they manage to apply simultaneously to a new school called the GundTech IHT Academy, which is based on Interactive Holographic Transporters that allow people and places to be seen, felt, and heard no matter the time, place or language.  The students' respective multiComs are at the school with them, artificial intelligences, AI, with names (Sam and Vee) and eventually physical appearances, as they all create and act in these simulated but realistic worlds, solving mini mysteries along the way in the realms of art, science and history. These computers are never seen as just "simply tools" but develop real personalities, which must be used and directed with complete courtesy at all times. 


Meagan Fletcher of WBNs Technology World is the reporter who is sent to cover the story of this marvelous invention of the IHT technology, its school and these two new students.  She has her own multiCom, whom at first she refuses to name, but soon hers becomes Jason as they begin to investigate the company and try to figure out who is the mastermind, who is the "enigmatic creator" of GundTech. 


The storyline is fast paced, a book hard to put down.  It's clever, with mischievous interplay among the characters, fun, creative and intelligent, with scientific and historic details interspersed throughout.  True to science fiction form it evokes the spirit of darkness as evil, the shadow, the phantom that slowly emerges.  There's a touch a Wrinkle in Time as this darkness grows and a sense of 2001: a Space Odyssey and the computer Hal, all with a bit of Dickens' ghost, the specter of Christmas past.  A great read.

Barb Cutler, St. Joseph School Library, Seattle, WA

A portrait from the distant past holds the key to the future. A new technology holds both a promise and a danger. Four strangers are on intersecting courses. At that most critical moment of their lives they face a dark and sinister force. These threads weaving an intricate tale of humor and suspense as two teenage prodigies, a network news reporter, and the mysterious creator of this new technology race toward their destiny.


A Norwegian technology company, the GundTech Corporation, lead by an enigmatic genius, has developed a world-shattering computer networking technology surpassing every conventional technique known or any believed to be possible, threatening the underpinning of the computer industry. This new technology promises to change the very foundations of modern society and revolutionize facets of everyday life from communications to entertainment and education. It is the later that starts two teenage computer fanatics, Cameron and Rosa, on a journey of self discovery and places them at the focal point of events that will determine the destiny of GundTech, the mysterious genius behind it, and the holographic technology he has developed.


The reader cannot help but be captivated by this young couple. Having been chosen as two of a very few select candidates to participate in the GundTech academy, Cameron and Rosa attain national celebrity status and must deal with this as well their struggle with the difficulties facing every young fifteen year old. At the same time they must face the challenges of their fame and notoriety as they move into the secretive world of this computer technology giant.


KB Shaw has crafted an engaging science fiction novel. FROM THE SHADOWS, first engages the reader in the lives of Cameron and Rosa while at the same time foreshadowing the conflict revealed as this exceptional couple journey into the inner workings of GundTech and its holographic networking technology. The author cunningly brings the reader along this odyssey, providing captivating detail and suspense to the end.

Even though this novel is aimed at the young adult audience, it has appeal for a broad spectrum of science fiction fans. It has particular appeal to those adult science fiction readers seeking a new and interesting perspective on the future of computer technology and internet communications. I highly recommend this novel.

—  H. B. Starkey, SPECTRUM Children’s Book Club

Author KB Shaw creates a story from the not so distant future. This is a book aimed at young adults although not limited to them. It explores the leap into quantum computing. Cameron and Rosa are two 15 year old cyber geeks that apply to and are accepted into a new cyberschool. This story mixes the empathy for the characters of the Harry Potter stories and the politics of the X-Men. This series has a chance to make it big if it gets a chance.

  — SFReader.com

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